How to Survive The End of the World

How to Survive The End of the World

War + Pandemic = 💥


Since Russia invaded Ukraine there is speak everywhere about how we are really approaching the end. The state of the world is damn near biblical right?


Vaccine Mandates, Explosions, Sanctions, Protests and Chaos


We gave the game on how we  to start running your home like a business, now we will go deeper into how to survive the end of the world.



If you weren't already aware, you have to be prepared financially first to get through a crisis. If you don't willingly learn now, you will be forced or you won't survive. It is as simple as that.  Russian's are no longer able to access their mobile payment apps due to the Invasions of Ukraine. Imagine being under the pressure of a war and trying to learn how to use crypto cause you didn't prepare yourself.


Living life without strategy is a gamble. In order to survive the end of the world you will need THREE things. Strategy, Community, and to be Decentralized. All 3 can be challenging but it is doable with the guidance from Sovereign Empire.




Establish a wealth strategy that puts you, your family, business, and investments in a position to thrive. You will need.

You will need a income strategy positions you to have multiples streams of income coming from one ocean. For this strategy you cannot be hooked on job security or you will put yourself in danger. Remember the pandemic left thousands of people jobless and hopeless. We now see with Ukraine and Russia if you leave your money positioned in banks.




This community is not just getting a whole bunch of people together because you all want to survive the end of the Your community has to consist of like minded individuals on the same mission as you.  If your community does not consist of like minded individuals on the same mission with similar values. ABORT MISSION...time to build a new community,




In other  countries, banks and other financial service providers are able to immediately freeze or suspend an account without a court order. Just because it is happening in other countries and not America doesn't mean you shouldn't be alarmed. We may not be too far behind. You need to decentralized because when systems are breaking down your quality of life is not reliant on them. Here is what you'll need to start.


In today's climate there is no excuse to not have you or your family in a better position. If you need assistance with creating a strategy we strongly encourage you to book an appointment with Sovereign Empire to help.


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