How We Run Our Home Like a Business

How We Run Our Home Like a Business



OK, so Boom 💥


Maybe you have started your business maybe you have not. Maybe your business is profiting maybe it is not. I do know that you are wondering "What is it that I am missing?", "What is it that the millionaires and billionaires are doing that I am not?"


Remember they are also focused on multi-generational wealth. Emphasis on MULTI.


While we are searching for the best asset with great returns, there is something that we forget to invest in. Family! Millionaires and billionaires make it a point to invest in their family and make sure that they are good stewards of family wealth so that their names never die and they continue to grow wealth.


Often times people view the rich and wealthy and think “Well they are able to do all of this because they have access to resources that we don’t” Remember wealth has to start from somewhere.  When it comes down to it, we all have access to the very things that made them wealthy. We have access to knowledge and we have access to people.


Good News 📰 EXTRA, EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT.  You do not have to be rich and wealthy to start investing in your family and running your home like a business. Here is how we are doing it. 

1. Family Mission


   Our family mission summarizes what we want to accomplish as a family. 


2. Family Vision


   The family vision is our road map that indicates and defines a clear

   direction for the continued growth for our family.


3. Family Values 


    Business is sure to fail if you and your business partners values do not 

    align. This goes the same for family. We list our top priorities and core

    beliefs to guide our actions.

 4. Family Pillars


    Our pillars are Truth, Love, Peace, Freedom and Justice. The pillars are 

    also align with our values. May be your family pillars are integrity and hard 

    work. etc.


5. Goals!!


     Goals need to be written down and discussed weekly.


6. Establish Your Family Bank and Reserves 


     You'll have to read our upcoming newsletters to view how we establish

     our family bank and reserves.


What we have given you, are just some of the footers for your foundation. Start with this at home in order to start investing in your family like you do your business and your are sure to see long long multi-generational wealth. 

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