We know how much your financial freedom costs!

We know how much your financial freedom costs!

                      How much does your Financial Freedom cost?


Let me ask you a few questions…

Are you searching for freedom?

Do you know what freedom is?

Do you know how much you need to achieve freedom?

Do you need $300K, $500K, $1M?

The average person in America makes on average $52,000 annually. Now, let’s say every American making that salary believed that this was a good enough salary to meet all of their ESSENTIAL needs. This means in order to achieve financial freedom the average American would need to make $52,000 annually PASSIVELY. Let’s break this down.

$52,000 annually, $4,333 monthly, $1,083 weekly, $154 daily

If $52,000 was your cap to reach financial freedom you would have to PASSIVELY make $154 DAILY. We don’t believe in putting a cap on how much you can make but doesn’t $154 dollars daily for financial freedom sound attainable? It is!

Now, the next thing you might be wondering is how to obtain true financial freedom. Well the answer is you have to be a business owner and be an investor. Robert Kiyosaki breaks this system down to 4 Quadrants. Employee, Self employed, Business owner, and Investor.

On the left side of the quadrant you will find yourself always trading your time for money. On the right side of Quadrant is where your money will be working for you. 


On the  E side you'll never find financial freedom simply because you will always rely on a paycheck. Remember, you are financially free when you can make money and not have to be present.


In the S quadrant we have the folks that are self-employed. The average person would think, "People who are self employed are business owners, what is the difference between the B and S quadrant?" In the S quadrant you own a job, still relying on the check, and you have to be physically present or the job goes to shit.

 I have a friend who is Self-Employed. She owns her own salon and it is just her with one chair. She and her baby got sick with COVID and she could not work for 2 weeks. So she was not making money for two weeks. She was going to be short on rent for her salon space and the landlord did not care that she and her child were sick with COVID. He wanted his money or she wasn't going to have a place to be self-employed. She can't even vacation because she will not make money. You see how this is not financial Freedom?

 In the B and I quadrants you will find yourself moving beyond job security into financial security and reaching financial goals quickly, In the B Quadrant you are leveraging people that make money for your business so you don't have to be present. In the I quadrant, as a professional investor your money works for you.

I say all this to say...


you deserve a life where you can vacation and still make money.


You deserve a life where you don't have to worry about bills getting paid if you get sick.


You deserve a life where you know you and your family are straight at all times


You deserve that control of your life, but you have to take action.


This is why we offer coaching calls that will help you establish a foundation with your private bank and we go in depth about the direction you are trying to go financially from business building to investments. You should've made a move like, yesterday!


Self custody is one of the keys to living that bank life and we live life klever

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