Who Are You Building a Future For?

Who Are You Building a Future For?

Every morning when you wake up,  Ask yourself this question! 

Who are you building a future for?

Are you building a future for yourself, is it for your family, is it for the family you want have, are you building a future for your community?

This is a question you have to constantly  think about,  why? because it is the fuel to your fire.

 There are clear differences between those who work a job and those who pursue entrepreneurship. You ask the average person why they choose to work a job that they hate, they'll say "The bills need to get paid" ask a person why they choose to be a entrepreneur they'll say "I hate working for other people" or "I want to build a legacy"

 Nothing about entrepreneurship is easy, so who you are building a future for is something you have to be constantly asking yourself.

 Just like the bills were enough fuel to get your butt up every morning and work a job you don't want to be at, the future your building is that and so much more.

 Knowing that you were able to save yourself and and help others while you were doing it makes all of it so much more rewarding.

 Now don't just think about it, write about it. Write down that quality of life you want for you and your loved ones. VISUALIZE the end goal and know actions have to be taken. 

 The first action is for you to just get up and do it.

 You are doing a great job so far. Just keep doing and don't give up.


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